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Unblocking drains in Bury

When blocked drains affect your home they can be unpleasant and are a potential health hazard. As a result we treat all blocked drains seriously and ensure our engineers reaches you as soon as possible. 

There are many causes of blocked drains, from a build up of fats from kitchen sinks to tree roots invading old pipe-work. But our plumbers in Bury have many years experience and can help resolve everything from a small blocked pipe to replacing a broken drain. Our engineers are specially equipped with sophisticated diagnostic systems, enabling them to accurately identify the problem quickly.

G B Plumbing & Gas Solutions offer a comprehensive drain cleaning service in that is both effective and affordable. We aim to identify and resolve the problem quickly and with the minimal disruption.

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Full Drain Cleaning services include:

  • Clearing blocked drains & sink
  • Unblocking toilets
  • Drain jetting for unblocking drains
  • Clearing guttering and down pipes

We will assist with everything from a simple blocked sink to high pressure jetting, leaving your house free of blockages. A hassle free low cost and fast drain cleaning service in Manchester.






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